Alisha's Words...

“If I could change one thing in the world, it’d either be world peace, for obvious reasons, or destroy all social groups.  I don’t have a social “group”.  I don’t believe/like social “groups”.  They judge and label you.  They decide who your friends are, and what kind of person you are .  Some of my best friends are “geeks” and “preps” yet I dated a “goth” and sit with “the outsiders no one knows/understands”.  These labels mean nothing to me!  Nothing!  But in this strange new MTV generation of mine, I fear there is no turning back.”


She clearly held the gift of seeing goodness in everyone and everything.  
Her photography and love for music reflects this gift very well.  she was the go-to girl for music, old bands, new bands...she shared musical treasures daily, with anyone who would listen.  Social media trends and stereotypes couldn’t sway her independent thinking.  Where other people may have changed the station, junked or judged … Alisha took a picture and turned the music up … she showed you the beauty in life.

Alisha Faye Zibolis clearly held the gift of seeing goodness in everyone and everything
Alisha Faye Zibois showed you the beauty in life
Alisha Faye Zibolis was the go-to girl