Alisha's Love Child Foundation - scholarships, financial assistance and volunteer commitements for people between 15-25.

paying it forward...

volunteer at organizations that need your help delivering services to southern New Hampshire

Participation in the Love Child Foundation includes doing our best to funnel part of Alisha’s heart-felt generosity back into our communities. Through honest, hard-work volunteering we follow the example she set and “pay it forward” as she often said.

So roll up your sleeves, click on the "volunteer" tab above and take a look at the following organizations that constantly need manpower to deliver essential services to southern New Hampshire families.

Feel free to contact the organizations directly to volunteer, organize a group from your neighborhood, church or community, or email us at the Alisha’s Love Child Foundation with questions or suggestions.

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Approved 501c3 Public Charity - AEIN # 45-2314511

Help your community by volunteering for local organizations that need your help