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As Alisha’s loving spirit and giving nature continued to resonate after the tragedy on January 20th, 2011 – it became overwhelmingly clear that there has to be a way to try to harness some of this kindness and “pay it forward” in a challenging world and economic time. Because there simply is no way to fill her shoes – we are here to to do our best to continue to make this world a brighter and better place - not only by financial relief when we are able... but by setting the examples Alisha would want with volunteering where we are needed in our own communities.

Our goal is to be a reliable resource for those transitioning between adolescence and young adulthood (ages 15-25) and their families…

Why “Love-Child” ? A huge part of this beautiful soul was her dedication to creativity .. through arts , writing, music and photography. She loved to write and was an avid artist. She had created a “tag name” years ago for her art and creative writing and signed everything “Love Child”. It only seemed natural that her signature continue to sign everything she touches... including the lives we plan on brightening.

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Alisha's Love Child Foundation - brightening people's lives with scholarships, finacial aid and volunteer commitments